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Kamarád z Německa   (8)
First I have to excuse me for writing in English here but my Czech is very bad because I'm a German.
I'm a furry for a long time now (5 years I think) and a wildlife photographer for even longer. Currently I want to start a photo-project about lynxes in Šumava and I'm looking for a partner who could help me with it. I thought this could be a perfect place to meet such people/furries.
The project should show the people in Europe that's still real wildlife out there. In the past I already took photos for National Geographic and several wildlife protection organizations. I'll explain you much more when you're interested. Expecially I'm looking for furries who know how to handle a camera (just a bit) and furries who like to be in the nature.

Check this out if you want to see what kind of pictures I usually take: www.fredericgrosse.com

I'd be really happy if show some interest for it. Thank you for reading. :)
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